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Gainium uses APIs to connect to your exchange and make trades. In this article we will show you how to generate an API key in Binance. Let's do it! 

Step 1 - Open Binance Dashboard

Switch to the new browser tab, log in, or create a new account on

Step 2 – Find "API Management" in Binance

Move your cursor over the profile icon in the upper right corner and choose "API Management."  

API management.webp

Step 3 – Label/Name Your Key

When you have several APIs, having a proper name makes it easier to manage them. Name your key (for example, and then click "Create." 

Label API.webp

Security tip: Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account before creating an API. 

Step 4 - Enter 2FA Codes 

After clicking the "Create" button, you will be asked to enter 2FA codes. 


Your API has now been created. Please keep your Secret Key safe since it will not be shown again. This key shouldn't be shared with anyone else. You must remove and recreate the API if you lose your Secret Key. 

Step 5 - Edit the API Restrictions 

Edit restrictions.webp

You should be aware of the IP access limitations. From the APIs List, choose "Edit restrictions." Except for "Enable Withdrawals," enable the required permissions and click "Save" button. 

Restrictions edited.webp

Restrict IP access: Do not choose to Restrict access to trusted IPs alone. uses several IP addresses; switching the option to Restrict access will cause connectivity problems with our service. Enabling 2FA on Binance and is suggested, as is ensuring that "Enable Withdrawals" is not chosen. 

Note: Any of these permissions will automatically create all 4 types of Binance accounts: Binance Spot, Binance USDT-M Futures, Binance Cross Margin, and Binance COIN-M Futures. To ensure that the API connection works successfully, we recommend activating all permissions, as seen in the picture above.

⚠️Binance API keys expire after 90 days

This indicates that after this period, you will need to update your API key permissions to continue utilizing with your Binance account. 

Step 6 – Connecting Gainium to Binance 

Login to the dashboard of and click on the setting icon. APA Key insert page.png

Enter your Binance Key and Secret Key and click on the "SUBMIT" button. You will see the confirmation pop-up box in green. 

That's it! Your Gainium account is now connected to Binance.

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