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Profit from volatility

The crypto market is highly volatile, and that is good news. With our bots you can profit from price swings on autopilot, 24/7.

A strategy for every market condition.

Markets go through cycles, and for every cycle there is a strategy you can use to profit from it. Gainium's highly customizable bots allow you take advantage of each specific market condition to increase your profitability as a trader over the long term.

Bear Markets

Use DCA long bots for accumulating your favourite tokens at a lower entry price. In addition, DCA short bots help you protect the value of your portfolio by selling your tokens and buying them back at a lower price.

Bull Markets

Use DCA long bots and grid bots to buy the dips and sell the rips.

Flat Markets

Grid bots are perfect here, buying when the price nears support and selling at resistance.

Stay profitable and worry-free with these powerful features
Highly customizable bots

Highly customizable bots

Customize our trading bots to fit your strategy and risk apetite. Profit in base or quote, fix order in base or quote, and more...

Smart funds allocation

Smart funds allocation

Unlock the full potential of your bankroll by sending to exchange only a portion of your funds, while keeping the rest available to be deployed as you wish.

Better profitability insights

Better profitability insights

Know exactly how your strategy is performing, compare different strategies and keep only the best.

Stay ahead of the market with peace of mind


Gainium employs state-of-the-art encryption to protect your information. We use safe API keys that cannot make withdrawals.

Fast & Reliable

Gainium's technology has been build with speed and reliability in mind, so you can sleep better knowing that your trades are executed even during times of high volatility.

Easy to use

All you need to start profiting is sign up and connect your exchange. Easy peasy.

Convinced yet? Get started in minutes, no credit card required.