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Backtest Crypto Trading Bots

Backtest Crypto Trading Bots

Discover the power of crypto trading bot backtesting with Gainium's cryptocurrency backtesting platform. Learn how backtesting crypto strategies can enhance your trading decisions.

What is Crypto Bot Backtesting?

Bot backtesting is the process of testing an automated trading strategy back in time to see how it would have performed on historical data, and to find any potential improvements that could be made. This technique has been widely used in traditional financial markets, and its application in crypto trading has proven to be equally valuable.

Why Backtest your Crypto Strategy?

Avoid expensive mistakes

As the saying goes: History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes. Using historical data to test your trading strategy is one of the best tools to guess its future performance.

Deploy with confidence

Once you have tweaked your strategy to your liking, you can deploy it live with the click of a button.

Build a library of winners

We save all your backtests so you can refer to them anytime. Sort and filter them so you can always find the right strategy at the right time.

Why Choose Gainium's Backtester?

Unlimited, Free Forever Backtesting

Experience the freedom to test and refine your strategies without limits. Our backtesting is free forever, giving you unlimited access to perfect your trades.

All Symbols Supported

Our platform supports top crypto exchanges, ensuring you can backtest strategies across all available cryptocurrencies.

Backtest DCA, Grid and Combo Bots

Explore a variety of bot types including Grid, DCA, and Combo to find the best fit for your trading style without risking any capital.

Backtest Multi-Coin Bots

Evaluate the performance of bots trading multiple coins simultaneously, maximizing your strategic insights across various cryptocurrency pairs.


TradingView Charts & Indicators

The best charting and indicator software is perfectly integrated into our platform, so you can easily do technical analysis and visualize past trades on the charts.

Advanced Metrics and Reporting

Dive into deep analytical insights with our advanced metrics and comprehensive reporting that measure the effectiveness of your strategies.

Beautiful Graphs and Charts

Visualize your backtesting results with stunning, intuitive graphs and charts that make data analysis both straightforward and impactful.

Unlimited Historical Bars

Access an extensive repository of historical data with unlimited bars, giving your strategies a solid foundation of market history.

Local Storage for Fast Testing

Benefit from rapid backtesting with local storage capabilities, ensuring your strategy testing is both efficient and responsive.

Emulation of Liquidations in Futures

Perfect your futures trading strategies with an emulation of liquidations, providing a realistic optimization environment for high-stakes trading.

Test Your Strategy Against Chance

Validate the robustness of your strategy by testing it against random trades during the same period, ensuring that success is skill-based, not just luck.


Backtesting FAQ

Gainium's Futures Smart Trading Terminal stands out for its integration of real-time data analytics, advanced order options, and automation capabilities. This terminal offers traders the tools necessary to execute complex strategies with precision and control, optimizing their trading experience in the futures market.

Futures Grid Bots are designed to perform in markets with notable price movements, executing a series of strategic buy and sell orders within a set price range. They automate trades to capitalize on the inherent volatility of the futures market, aiming to secure profits from fluctuation without constant manual oversight.

Backtesting and paper trading on Gainium are uniquely realistic because they simulate not just trades but also potential liquidations, based on actual leverage and margin requirements. This provides traders with a comprehensive understanding of how strategies would perform in live markets, including the risk of liquidation.

The Market Screener provides real-time insights into market trends and the sentiment driving those trends, which is crucial for making informed decisions in the fast-paced futures market. The screener analyzes large volumes of market data and news to help traders stay one step ahead.

Absolutely, Gainium caters to a wide range of traders. For beginners, there are intuitive tools and a supportive community to help learn the ropes of futures trading. Experienced traders can leverage our advanced bots and analytical tools to execute sophisticated trading strategies.

Gainium offers comprehensive support including a detailed knowledge base, responsive customer service, and an active community forum. Whether you need technical assistance or strategic advice, our team and community are here to help ensure your trading experience is smooth and successful.

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