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We are Gainium

Our mission is to provide a platform where the spirit of community and the power of technology converge, enhancing trading strategies, fostering education, and maximizing profitability.

Our Core Values

We code with intention

At Gainium, we take every line of code seriously. Every detail is carefully thought out, from the prominent features to the little design quirks. The result is a product we are proud to call our own, beautiful inside out.

We live by data

Data is at the heart of everything we do. After all, trading is about having the correct data to make decisions and the proper tools to implement them. We strive to present the most relevant data in the most visually appealing way so you can make better trading decisions.

We remain human

While we strive to eliminate human emotion from trading, we aim to incorporate it everywhere else. We want to make it personal. People interact with people, not companies.

We are a community

Our community is the engine that powers product development and the resource that allows us to reach new heights as traders. Sharing the wealth of knowledge is a fundamental aspect of what we do and we encourage everyone to participate. Extraordinary things happen when people come together with a purpose

We never stop learning

We understand that in trading, as in life, the only constant is change. The market is continuously evolving, and we need to learn and adapt to remain profitable. We celebrate wins, but above all, we embrace failures. Every failure carries a lesson, and every lesson makes us better.

We have fun

Last but not least, we enjoy the process by having fun. Fulfilling our mission and vision takes hard work and intense focus, so we mustn't take ourselves too seriously and try to have fun while doing our best work.

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