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Combo bot

Combo bots combine the best of grid and DCA trading strategies. They create a grid trading and expand it with DCA orders. Combo bots are the only bots that can generate constant profits while avoiding the risk of investing a lump-sum at the start.

Why Gainium's Combo bots?

Our Combo bots follow an effective strategy to take advantage of volatility while reducing risk. Grid trading is a popular strategy that can generate profits even in relatively flat markets. However, they require a lump-sum investment at the start of the bot. Combo bots, on the other hand, create a grid and gradually expand it when better prices are available. This bot reaps the benefits of both worlds: they generate consistent profits thanks to grid trading, and they can reduce the risk of investing in one lump-sum thanks to their DCA strategy.

Lower risk of volatility

Splitting your investment and buying at better prices lead to lower acquisition cost and less volatility in your portfolio.

Make money even when others don't

Combo bots follow a grid trading strategy which can profit even in relatively flat markets.

Backtest and Paper Trade

Test your Combo bots with zero risk thanks to our cutting-edge backtester and paper trading tools.


Combo bots are a unique hybrid of Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) and grid trading bots. They function primarily as DCA bots, but instead of executing a whole sell at once, they utilize a structure we call Minigrids, which optimizes each trade within a given DCA order.

A Minigrid is a segment of the trading range that gets created with every DCA order executed by the Combo bot. It's a grid of orders that aims to optimize the DCA process. Each Minigrid is an isolated trading space where the bot applies its grid trading strategy to generate profits.

In a long bot setup, each time a Combo bot fills a DCA order, it uses the purchased base to expand the grid or, in other words, create a new Minigrid. When the price goes over the Minigrid, the Minigrid is closed, meaning the grid orders within it are removed. Once all Minigrids are closed, the bot will wait for the deal start condition before creating the next Minigrid.

When the price of a crypto asset surpasses the upper limit of a Minigrid, the bot will close that Minigrid (in a long bot). Completing a Minigrid means that it cancels any unfilled orders within that Minigrid. Removing unnecessary Minigrids ensures that the bot always operates within the optimal trading range and does not lock more funds than it needs.

When all Minigrids are closed, the Combo bot has successfully executed all its grid orders within the current deal round. It will then wait for the following deal start condition (based on the parameters you set) to initiate the next DCA order and create new Minigrids. Combo bots support all deal start conditions supported by DCA bots: ASAP, Technical indicators, Time-based, and Webhooks.

As of now, the Combo bot automatically manages Minigrids. Manual intervention isn't currently possible. The bot's algorithm is designed to monitor the markets continuously and make data-driven decisions to maximize profitability.

The size of the Minigrids is dynamically adjusted by the bot based on market conditions and the parameters of the current DCA order. At this stage, users cannot manually adjust the size of the Minigrids.

There's no predetermined maximum number of Minigrids a Combo bot can create. The market conditions and the bot's DCA parameters determine the number of Minigrids.

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