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Beta Launch

Use all of Gainium's platform for free during the beta launch!



Unlimited grid bots
Unlimited DCA bots
Paper Trading
TradingView integration
API Access/TradingView Signals
Complete documentation



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Yes! We are super excited to launch the platform, however we still need feedback, lots of it! For that reason we decided to launch the plaftorm free of charge and gather as much feedback as we can from our users.

No, we do not take fees from trades.

None, there are no requirements to use the platform. However, we do appreaciate all the feedback you could share with us.

No, at some point we need to stop eating instant noodles :). However, we will offer a free forever tier and we can assure you that our paid tiers will offer competitive prices. Moreover, our early users can take advantage of the biggest discount we will ever offer if they decide to upgrade to a paid tier after the beta launch is over.

We don't know yet, for as long as it takes until we feel that we have incorporated enough user feedback and the platform is ready for paid users. Free beta users will be given enough time to upgrade to a paid plan or remain in the free forever plan.


faq icon

All your data in Gainium is encrypted. So, even if someone hacks in and gets hold of a backup of the database, it'd be useless, because they wouldn't have the key to decrypt it. Gainium uses HTTPS on all pages, and HSTS to ensure browsers only ever connect to us over a secure connection. So, someone hacking into your data on transit is less likely.

We will keep your data safely stored in our server for up to 1 year, in case you ever decide to come back. If you remain in the free forever plan for over 1 years we will remove your data from our servers.