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Developing Crypto Trading Strategies

This meticulously designed program caters to intermediate and seasoned traders, aiming to equip you with the essential skills, knowledge, and tools to devise and implement effective trading strategies.

Backtesting 101- Evaluate Your Trading Ideas

Unlock the secrets of successful trading with our guide to backtesting! Discover how to test your trading strategies using historical data, learn to set clear entry and exit parameters, and understand the importance of choosing the right market and time frame for your tests.

Developing Crypto Trading Strategies9 min read

Common Backtesting Problems and Solutions

Avoid common backtesting problems and mistakes with this comprehensive guide. Learn how to overcome curve fitting and survivor bias in your backtesting strategy.

Developing Crypto Trading Strategies10 min read

Decoding Trading Success: A Guide to Top Strategy Performance Metrics

Explore the most popular trading strategy performance metrics in our comprehensive guide. Learn how to maximize your profits and make informed trading decisions today!

Developing Crypto Trading Strategies13 min read

Develop Your Trading Edge: a 5 Step Formula for Profitability

Edge, also known as alpha, is a distinct advantage over other market participants, resulting in long-term profitability. Being a profitable trader over the long term requires consistently using a well-defined system with an edge. In this article, we explain how to find and develop your edge for long-term profitability.

Developing Crypto Trading Strategies15 min read