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DCA bots split your investment, waiting for more favourable prices to add to your position. Lower your acquisition cost so you can profit sooner.

Why Gainium's DCA bots?

Our DCA bots follow an effective strategy to lower the acquisition cost of your assets. They split your investment and buy at more favourable prices. This strategy can reduce the risk that comes with investing in one lump sum.

Lower risk of volatility

Splitting your investment and buying at better prices lead to lower acquisition cost and less volatility in your portfolio.

Beginner friendly

DCA bots are easy and intuitive to set up.

Backtest and Paper Trade

Test your DCA bots with zero risk thanks to our cutting-edge backtester and paper trading tools.

Explore our features
Grid Bot

Make consistent profits in all market conditions

Trading Bot

With powerful built-in technical indicators


Lower the acquisition cost of your assets


The best way to accumulate assets over the long term


Send entry or exit signals to your bot from TradingView or another platform.


Test your strategies with historical data

Paper Trading

Use virtual money to test your bots and trades in real time

Portfolio Analysis

Keep your portfolio balanced and avoid risks

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