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Grid Bot

Grid Bot

Make money by capitalizing on tiny price changes while the market stays flat. Set up an order grid that automatically use your funds as needed. Try the best grid trading solution available today.

Why Gainium's grid bots?

Markets stay flat most of the time. Grid bots are the perfect tool to generate small but consistent profits over time, even when other strategies can't make any profit.

Make money when others fail

Markets move sideways most of the time. While most strategies fail to make a profit in this environment, grid trading lets you make a consistent profit!

Smart funds allocation

Unlock the full potential of your bankroll by sending to exchange only a portion of your funds, while keeping the rest available to be deployed as you wish.

Backtest and Paper Trade

Test your grid bots with zero risk thanks to our cutting-edge backtester and paper trading tools.

Grid bot FAQ
Grids FAQ

The Grid Bot will automatically pause when the cryptocurrency falls below the grid, and then it resumes trading. If you don't want to continue using this bot or if you wish to trade a different currency pair, now is also a great time to delete the bot and start anew. All coins that were bought by the Grid Bot when it first started have been sold off.

Once the cryptocurrency returns to the grid, trading will resume. All of the currency originally used to fund the bot is now invested in alt coins. You should now decide if you want to keep this Grid Bot or replace it with a new one. You may want to discontinue the Grid Bot and establish a Smart Cover trade if you think the cryptocurrency being dealt is going to experience another price drop. By doing so, you would sell the cryptocurrency at its present chart value and buy it back after it reaches its bottom before creating a new Grid Bot with a varied range to trade.

All fees are included in the displayed profit statistics (profit is NET).

Yes, on the grid bot page there is a section named "Orders", you will find the list under "Transactions".

Yes, this is possible.

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Grid Bot

Make consistent profits in all market conditions

Trading Bot

With powerful built-in technical indicators


Lower the acquisition cost of your assets


The best way to accumulate assets over the long term


Send entry or exit signals to your bot from TradingView or another platform.


Test your strategies with historical data

Paper Trading

Use virtual money to test your bots and trades in real time

Portfolio Analysis

Keep your portfolio balanced and avoid risks

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