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Have you ever wished you could automate the start and stop of your trading bots based on specific conditions or signals? Well, wish no more. Gainium’s bot controller feature is here to make your life a bit easier. This nifty tool is available for trading and combo bots, letting you fine-tune when these bots kick into action or take a breather.

Let's break down the settings you can tweak.

Setting Up Your Bot Controller

Configuring your bot controller is a walk in the park. Here's a quick guide:

  1. Access the Bot Controller: Jump into your bot's settings. Look for the "Bot Controller" section at the end of the settings.
  2. Choose Your Control Method: You can choose from manual/webhook or technical indicators. Both options support deal-based stops. Each option has a simple setup process that guides you through the necessary steps.
  3. Fine-Tune Your Settings: You can set up webhooks, select technical indicators, or specify the number of deals for stopping points.
  4. Activate and Relax: Once set, activate your settings. Your bot now has its marching orders, and you can sit back or focus on other strategies.


This allows your bot to spring into action or stop based on incoming webhooks.

Technical Indicators

Enables your bot to start or stop based on specific conditions set by technical indicators.

Stop After X Deals Opened or Closed

It sets your bot to stop after it has opened or closed a set number of deals.

Why It Matters

With Gainium's bot controller, you're not just setting up automated trading strategies. You're crafting a personalized trading assistant that operates under your rules. Whether it's responding to market signals, limiting trading activity, or locking in profits, these controls put you in the driver's seat.

So, why not give your trading strategy an upgrade? With a bit of setup, your trading and combo bots can become even more aligned with your trading goals, all while you enjoy some extra free time. Sounds like a win-win to us.

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