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The smart orders feature allows you to send only a portion of the orders to exchange instead of all the orders the bot is configured to manage. They apply to grid and DCA orders.

To understand how this is useful. Let's examine a case for a grid bot. Imagine you set up a bot for BTC/USDT. The current price of BTC is around 24,000 USDT, and you have set up a grid from 10,000 to 40,000 USDT with 50 grid orders. If you do not activate smart orders, all 50 orders will be sent to exchange as a limit order hence locking all the funds in these orders. While this ensures that your bot has all the funds necessary for operation, it is very inefficient as the current price is far away from the top and the bottom of the range, and those locked funds will not be needed by the bot any time soon. By activating smart orders, you are “freeing” these funds further away from the current price action, so you can use them as you wish.


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