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The take profit feature allows you to secure your gains, while the stop loss limits the risk you are willing to take.

These two features work in the same way: when the take profit or stop loss trigger condition is met, the bot stops and performs one of two possible actions:

  1. Cancel and sell base: The bot stops, cancels all pending orders, and sells base at market price.
  2. Cancel orders: The bot stops and cancels all pending orders only.

There are two possible triggers for these features:

  1. When the price is reached: the stop loss or take profit is triggered at a specific price that you specify
  2. When the bot's value reached a specific % change that you specify (current funds value % in quote currency). Please be aware that the % change is always measured in quote currency; other system currencies will be ignored.

Example #1

Imagine you have an active bot on BNB/BUSD. The current BNB/BUSD price is 300, and you set the stop loss at the price of 280 BUSD, with the action “Cancel orders.” If the price moves down to 280 BUSD, the bot will stop and cancel all pending orders. The BNB that the bot purchased is accessible in your exchange's balance.

Example 2

You have an active grid bot on ETH/BTC pair and set the take profit at a value change of 15% with the action “Cancel and sell base.” In this case, when the value of your current funds reaches 15%, the bot will stop, cancel all pending orders and sell all ETH at market price.

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