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Grid bots have emerged as a popular tool for traders looking to capitalize on market volatility. At their core, grid bots place buy and sell orders at predefined intervals within a set price range. As prices fluctuate, the bot executes trades, aiming to buy low and sell high within this grid. 

However, one common challenge arises when the market price moves outside the bot's predetermined range. This is where trailing up and down features come into play.

Trailing up and down are mechanisms designed to make grid bots more dynamic and adaptable to changing market conditions. Instead of remaining static, a grid with trailing features can adjust its range in response to market movements, maintaining the bot’s relevance and increasing the profit potential.

How Trailing Up Works in Grid Bots

Trailing up is a feature that enables a grid bot to adjust its sell orders upwards when the market price rises significantly.

Here's a simple breakdown of how it typically works:

  • When the market price climbs two grid levels beyond the bot's highest set price, the bot cancels the lowest buy order and repositions it one step above the bot's peak price. 
  • As the market ascends further, it consistently cancels and re-establishes the bottom-most buy orders just over the top price threshold, following the upward trend.
  • This pattern constantly shifts the grid up, expecting that as the price stops the upward movement, it will fall back inside the grid's range.

How Trailing Down Works in Grid Bots

Conversely, trailing down allows the grid bot to use extra capital to adjust its buy orders downwards when the market price declines.

The trailing down process usually follows these steps:

  • Trailing down involves an extra capital outlay because the bot doesn't cancel existing sell orders. 
  • Instead, it initiates new buy orders, which, when filled, lead to the placement of new sell orders beneath the bot's lower limit.
  • Following the execution of the lowest buy order, the bot will immediately set another buy order one level down.

Pros and Cons of Trailing Up and Down in Grid Bots

Trailing up and down helps grid bots stay within the trading range, allowing them to keep operating longer. However, there are advantages and limitations to this approach.


  1. Adaptability: Trailing allows the grid bot to adapt to the market trends, making the strategy more flexible than a static grid.
  2. Enhanced Profit Potential: By continuously adjusting the grid to follow the price, trailing can potentially lead to increased profits during trending markets.
  3. Automated Strategy Adjustment: Traders don't need to manually adjust their grid strategy when the market moves outside their original range.


  1. Risk of Capital Depletion: Trailing in grid bots can lead to increased exposure during downtrends, as the bot continues to buy while the price falls, potentially depleting capital if the market does not rebound.
  2. Enhanced Volatility Exposure: Trailing mechanisms can magnify risks in volatile markets by continuously placing orders that may lead to unfavorable positions if the market swiftly reverses direction.
  3. Complexity in Strategy Management: Implementing trailing features adds layers of complexity to grid bot strategies, which can make monitoring and adjusting the bot's parameters more challenging and time-consuming for traders.

Introduction to Combo Bots: A New Generation of Trading Bots

In response to the limitations of traditional grid bots, trading platforms are continuously innovating to offer better solutions. Enter Gainium’s combo bots — a revolutionary trading tool designed to harness the advantages of the conventional grid and DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging) bots.

Combo bots combine the passive profit accumulation of grid strategies with the flexibility of DCA bots, creating a more versatile trading system. Unlike grid bots that require trailing up and down to stay within an active market range, combo bots inherently possess the flexibility to adapt to market changes. This adaptability is not just a reactive adjustment like trailing up and down, but a proactive feature designed into the core functionality of combo bots.

These bots are configured to automatically expand or create new grids in response to market movements, thus ensuring that the trader can always capitalize on the most profitable opportunities. The possibility of starting the grid trading with webhooks and technical indicators, along with the ability to place DCA orders, makes combo bots a powerhouse for both novice and experienced traders.


How Combo Bots Replace the Need for Trailing Up and Down in Grids

Combo bots on Gainium take the concept of automated trading to the next level. Unlike traditional grid bots that rely on trailing up and down to adjust to market movements, combo bots are designed to adapt dynamically and automatically without these features.

Here's how they achieve this:

  • New Grid Creation Replaces Trailing Up: When the price exceeds the upper range of the grid, instead of simply trailing up, combo bots can initiate a new grid above the current price range, seamlessly continuing the trading process.
  • DCA Integration Replaces Trailing Down: If the price falls, combo bots can utilize DCA orders to average down the buying price, thereby not just following the price downwards but also optimizing the entry point for a potentially more profitable rebound. Unlike trailing down, DCA orders are placed strategically according to the strategy rules, achieving a better average purchase price than buying at every level on the way down.

By incorporating these features, combo bots provide a more fluid and robust trading experience, rendering trailing up and down unnecessary and somewhat obsolete.

Advantages of Combo Bots Over Grids

The introduction of combo bots has brought several key advantages over traditional grid trading bots:

  1. Enhanced Flexibility: Combo bots offer different settings that allow the construction of tailored grid strategies that are impossible with traditional grids. The flexible DCA approach using step and volume scales allows for the creation of asymmetrical grids tailored to specific market conditions. Combo bots can be adjusted proactively rather than reactively, allowing for continuous trading across a broader range of market conditions.
  2. Reduced Need for Constant Adjustment: With combo bots, the trader is freed from the need to modify the bot's parameters frequently to catch up with the market trends, which can be time-consuming and technically challenging.
  3. Improved Risk Management: The integration of DCA techniques allows combo bots to mitigate the risk associated with purchasing assets at a high price point, potentially leading to a reduction in overall investment risk.
  4. Strategic Versatility: With the ability to be triggered by technical indicators and webhooks, combo bots are more responsive to market indicators, which means they can preemptively adjust their strategies based on more sophisticated market analysis.

In summary, combo bots provide a more intelligent and dynamic approach to crypto trading by merging the benefits of different trading strategies into a cohesive, automated system. Gainium's focus on cutting-edge technology ensures that traders have access to the best tools, empowering them to make confident and informed decisions in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading.



What is a grid bot? 

A: A grid bot is an automated trading tool that places buy and sell orders at predetermined intervals within a selected price range. It aims to profit from the natural market volatility by buying low and selling high within this grid.

Why do traditional grid bots need trailing up and down? 

A: Traditional grid bots need trailing up and down to adapt their trading range when the market price moves outside their preset grid. This helps to ensure that they remain relevant and can continue to trade effectively despite significant price movements.

How do combo bots differ from traditional grid bots? 

A: Combo bots are more advanced trading bots that combine grid strategy with dollar-cost averaging (DCA) principles. They do not require manual adjustments like trailing up and down because they automatically adjust to price movements by creating new grids or using DCA orders to improve the average entry price.

Can combo bots start and stop based on market conditions? 

A: Yes, combo bots can be configured to start and stop based on specific market conditions using webhooks and technical indicators. This provides a more responsive and strategic approach to trading.

Are combo bots suitable for inexperienced traders? 

A: Yes, combo bots are designed to cater to a broad spectrum of users, including beginners. They are user-friendly and remove much of the complexity of manual trading adjustments.

Do combo bots reduce the risk associated with trading? 

A: While no trading bot can eliminate risk, combo bots are designed to mitigate risks by employing more sophisticated strategies, such as DCA, to manage price volatility and market changes more effectively.

Can I test trading strategies with combo bots on Gainium without risking my capital?

A: Absolutely. Gainium provides backtesting and paper trading capabilities that allow you to test combo bot strategies without risking real money. This feature is invaluable for building confidence and refining strategies before live trading.


How do combo bots handle sudden market downturns? 

A: Combo bots are equipped to handle downturns by using DCA strategies to average down the buying price, which can potentially lead to more favorable outcomes when the market recovers.

Will using combo bots on Gainium lead to higher trading fees? 

A: Combo bots are designed to be cost-efficient. By strategically minimizing unnecessary transactions and optimizing entry points, they can potentially lead to lower overall trading fees compared to strategies that require frequent manual adjustments.

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