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Crypto Trading Strategies Library

This is a specialized course tailored for traders who have a firm grasp of basic trading concepts and are looking to expand their arsenal with advanced strategies specific to the cryptocurrency markets. This course zeroes in on the intricacies of various trading techniques, offering a deep dive into the process that seasoned traders employ to navigate the volatile crypto space.

The super wide-range grid stack strategy

In this article, I share a grid bot setup I have been using successfully for many months, the super wide-range grid stack. This setup is a hybrid investing-trading approach to crypto that has a relatively low risk and enjoys a decent ROI.

By Ares Sanchez9 min read

The Double-DCA Strategy

Learn how to combine Time-DCA and Price-DCA to maximize your profit from investing in crypto over the long term.

By Ares Sanchez3 min read

Applying ICT Trading in Crypto

Explore the ICT trading strategy in cryptocurrency with our in-depth article. Learn critical concepts like liquidity, market structure, and optimal trade entry and how to apply them using TradingView indicators. Plus, discover how to automate these strategies with Gainium for smarter trading decisions.

By Ares Sanchez5 min read