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Marcin Peracic

I am a content writer devoted to crypto gaming. I am your researcher, writer, and content curator, helping readers to find relevant news to make a more informed decision.

I am comfortable to express my thoughts in a written form, as it gives me time and relaxation to build compelling stories. I consider myself a qualified writer, due to the fact I had to write many reports while I was studying at the University and in different workplaces throughout my personal career. 

Since the pandemic, my perception of finance has changed, and that is how I have started to become really interested in crypto. However, I wanted to find a way to make crypto more fun. 
This is how I have created my own newsletter known as GameFi Corner, the home of the Play to Earn content with the latest GameFi articles available to everyone. As the author of the newsletter, I feel maximum responsibility in writing informative articles and helping others find the same inspiration as in my case. 

My future goal is to deliver crypto gaming content as much as I can, by providing real-time information regularly.

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