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Paymium Overview

Paymium is an online exchange where users can trade BTC against EUR and vice versa. It's located in Paris, and it's available for European countries and a few besides them. Although the US is included in the supported counties list, US-based traders cannot be accepted due to regulatory issues.


Year Stablished:

Type: Centralized Exchange


Deposit methods:

Credit Card
Wire Deposit

US Allowed: No

Offer Derivatives: No

Paymium Fees

Maker: -0.1%

Taker: 0.5%

Withrawal Fee: 0 BTC

Paymium Limits

With KYCWithout KYC
Withdrawal Limit100,000EUR / Day

Minimum deposit size: 1 USD

Paymium Supported Bots


None supported

Paymium Supported Coins

Supported tokens (1):

bitcoin (BTC)

EUR: 1 pairs


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