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In the world of cryptocurrency trading, the pursuit of innovative strategies is a never-ending journey. One such approach that has gained popularity in recent years is the QuickFingers Luc (QFL) method. This trading technique emphasizes precision, patience, and a deep understanding of market structure. In this article, we'll delve into the key aspects of the QFL method and explore how you can harness its power to excel in crypto trading.

Understanding the QFL (Quickfingers Luc) Trading Strategy

The QFL trading method is based on the premise that market inefficiencies create profitable opportunities for patient and disciplined traders. Developed by a trader known as Luc, this strategy focuses on identifying support and resistance levels, waiting for significant drops in price, and then capitalizing on the subsequent rebounds.

In other words, QFL looks for panic sales and tries to anticipate a dead cat bounce.

For a detailed explanation of the QFL methodology, you can check out this document compiled from Quickfingers Luc's Steemit blog.

Support and resistance levels are the foundation of the QFL method. A support level is a price point where buying pressure is strong enough to prevent further declines, while resistance is a price level where selling pressure is strong enough to prevent further gains. By accurately identifying these levels, traders can predict potential price movements and plan their trades accordingly.

A critical aspect of the QFL method is pinpointing "base levels," which are strong support or resistance levels that have been held multiple times in the past. Base levels often serve as a springboard for price rebounds, making them prime targets for entry points. To identify a base level, look for price areas where the asset has reversed multiple times, indicating strong buying or selling pressure.

The QFL method relies on the principle of "buying the dip." After identifying a base level, traders wait for the price to drop significantly below that level before entering a long position. This approach ensures that traders buy low and maximize their profit potential when the price rebounds.

Core Concepts of QFL Strategy

Base Level (Support Level): This is the lowest price point a cryptocurrency reaches before it starts climbing again. At this juncture, traders can often witness a strong buying reaction, indicating a potential reversal.

Rebound Level: After touching the Base Level, a price increase signifies a rebound. It's the aftermath of the buying reaction where prices begin to climb.

Resistance Level: The peak price before a price drop, the Resistance Level is often where sellers begin to overpower buyers, leading to a price decline.

Crack: A sharp move away from the base level, leading to a new rebound level, creates a 'safe zone' for traders to consider entry.

Practical considerations when using the QFL strategy

Patience is a virtue

One of the key tenets of the QFL method is patience. Traders must resist the urge to enter positions prematurely and instead wait for the optimal entry point, which can sometimes take days or even weeks. By maintaining discipline and adhering to the strategy, traders can significantly improve their chances of success.

Risk Management and Stop-Loss Orders

Risk management is essential when using the QFL method, as with any trading strategy. To minimize potential losses, traders should set stop-loss orders below the base level. This ensures that if the price does not rebound as anticipated, the trader can exit the position with minimal damage to their portfolio.

Exiting the Trade

Knowing when to exit a trade is as important as knowing when to enter. With the QFL method, traders typically target a predetermined profit level or wait for the price to reach the next resistance level.

Applying QFL in Trading with Gainium

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1. Select Trading Pairs Wisely: Gainium's smart terminal helps you identify cryptocurrencies with high volatility, presenting multiple entry points for QFL trading.

2. Identify Strong Bases: Utilize Gainium's market screener to pinpoint strong bases with high potential for significant rebounds.

3. Monitor for Panic Sales: Set up custom alerts using Gainium's tools to be notified when your target base levels are approaching, indicating potential panic sell-offs.

4. Leverage Advanced Tools for Timely Execution: Gainium's trading bots can be programmed with QFL signals to execute buys below the base level, ensuring you're always ready to capitalize on market dips.

5. Set and Forget Target Prices: Establish your sell targets with Gainium's platform, and let our sophisticated bots automate the selling process during rebounds for optimal profits.

6. Diversify Orders: Spread out your buy and sell orders to reduce risk and maximize results. Gainium's platform allows for intricate order laddering to manage your positions effectively.

Gainium's implementation of QFL is based on this TradingView script by rex_wolfe.

Buys are marked when the price has bounced x% above the base and then fallen y% below the base.

Gainium QFL settings


By integrating the QFL strategy into your trading on Gainium, you can make the most out of the platform's sophisticated tools, from real-time screener analytics to automated trading bots. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting, Gainium's comprehensive toolkit enhances your trading experience, allowing you to execute the QFL strategy with precision and confidence.


What is the essence of the QFL trading strategy? QFL, or Quickfingers Luc, is a crypto trading strategy that centers around identifying and acting upon moments of panic selling to buy below the base level and sell during rebounds for profit.

What is a Base Level in QFL? The Base Level, or Support Level, is the lowest price point a cryptocurrency reaches before beginning to increase in value again. This level is critical in QFL as it represents a potential turning point for price movement.

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