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This guide is for you if you are a developer looking to access Ganium through API keys. Gainium API keys allow you to access your Gainium account programmatically so you can create apps and scripts.

Enable 2FA

2FA must be enabled before you can create API keys. If you haven't already, enable 2FA on your account before proceeding.

Create API keys

To generate a new API key:

  • 1. Click "New API access token."
  • 2. Give the key a descriptive name so you can remember its purpose later
  • 3. Choose the permissions this key should have in your Gainium account. With Read permission, you can view the details of your bots and deals but not make any changes. If you need to be able to create/edit bot and values, you'll need Write access.
  • 4. Click "Create"
  • 5. Copy and paste the newly created API Key and Secret into your favorite coding IDE or third-party app

API Documentation

Please visit our API docs for up-to-date information on the API endpoints and parameters.


Can I use the API key for paper trading?

Yes, all API calls for paper trading work precisely the same as for live accounts; make sure to add paperContext=true to the API call.

What are the API limits?

50 calls/minute.

Can I retrieve information on deals on my exchange account not created in Gainium?

No, currently, this is not possible. Only deals and bots created through your Gainium account can be accessed using Ganium's API.

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